Press & Accolades

Food & Wine

Three nominations and one of 10 finalists for People’s Best New Chef® in New England reader-voted award for FOOD & WINE® magazine. (2012-2014)

James Beard Foundation

Nominee for the James Beard Foundation Award for Rising Star Chef of the Year and three-time semi-finalist for Best Chef: Northeast by the James Beard Foundation

Yankee Magazine

Yankee Magazine’s Special Travel Guide to New England: Best Seasonal Fare (2011)

Yankee Magazine Feature (Sept/Oct 2013)

The New York Times (2010)

“Mr. Somlo, who previously cooked in New York, takes full advantage of his locale, often stopping by farms in the morning to choose ingredients for the evening menu. He’s particularly keen to serve meat from nearby farms, so when a farmer offered lamb necks, Mr. Somlo turned them into dinner.”

“The presumption on Nudel’s menu is that everything is fresh: if a vegetable arrived frozen, it’s labeled as such. Mr. Somlo’s emphasis on openness is reflected in the architecture of his tiny restaurant, where diner’s can sit at a bar overlooking the kitchen.”

“Mr. Somlo has the versatility to roll with the most meteorological punches. But such in-the-moment cooking doesn’t preclude the most occasional bout of nostalgia, most recently for this spring’s asparagus, which was available for just 10 days before weather ruined the crop. ‘That asparagus, it was awesome,’ he said with a sigh. ‘And then it was gone.’”

The Boston Globe (2012)

“Nudel turns the neat trick of garnering loyal patrons while constantly changing its offerings. Its menu reflects both the whimsy and restlessness of a young chef-auteur, and the vagaries of seasonality and the irregular yield of small farms.”

“’It’s not for everyone, but it’s for someone who wants to go on a food adventure. You feel like you’re getting a taste of another human being’s creative spirit,’ observes writer Dan Shaw, a regular diner.”

Preview Massachusetts (2010)

“Since he has an excellent vantage point at the bar, not one thing leaves the kitchen without being fine-tuned…”

“Somlo flirts with whimsy…”

“But for every clever dish, Somlo produces something so simple and clean, so homey, that gimmick doesn’t have a chance to overwhelm the scene.”

Rural Intelligence (2009)

“…it has developed a zealous coterie of fans who consider it the most thrilling dining experience around. “

“He appeals to foodies who are willing to go with the flow and want to experiment along with the chef who comes up with new dishes every day such as veal and pheasant lasagna with Tuscan kale, fried onions and ricotta; braised beef and garlic with Dijon spaetzle, egg drop; fluke tartare with pickled muskmelon and toasted sesame.”

“And would anyone else but Bjorn have the chutzpah to offer a special eight-course all-duck tasting menu on a random Tuesday night?”