About Nudel

Seasonally inspired, you say? What’s that?

Nudel’s menu is a creative reflection of the food being grown and harvested in our beautiful region, the weather outside and the feeling inside. We collaborate with small, passionate farms and food producers to source the best ingredients. We cherish the abundance of crops as they arrive at our back door and honor the fleeting season of each ingredient.

The experience here is a little different. Our menu is reflective of our creative team, which thrives on bringing ingredients together thoughtfully on each plate.

The team at Nudel is passionate and proud of what we do here. Our long-time service staff focuses on generosity, hospitality and the guest experience. In the back of house, which is actually out front, our team is a talented motley crew of raw enthusiasm for knowledge about food in its freshest and finest form.

Photo credit Abby Webster

photo credit: Abby Webster

Dining at Nudel

Nudel is centrally located in downtown Lenox surrounded by bars, shops and scenic attractions.

Due to the limitations of our restaurant space, we cannot seat parties larger than six and are unable to seat a group until two-thirds of the party is present. If at any point guests arrive at the restaurant and seats are not immediately available a host will request a cell phone number, estimate any wait time and call the guest directly when a table is ready.


chef/owner Bjorn Somlo. Photo credit: Daniel Schmolze

About Bjorn Somlo

Bjorn is the proprietor and fearless leader (most of the time) at Nudel. He runs a tight ship, with a gifted kitchen team and excellent servers who have been with him for many years. He was born and raised in the Berkshires and has been in the restaurant business for decades – he started out bussing tables at the county fair when he was 16 years old. Since then, Bjorn has worked in the kitchens of restaurants across the region. After living in New Orleans and New York City and working and drinking abroad, he returned home to the Berkshires and opened Nudel in August of 2009.

Bjorn has been nominated Rising Star Chef and Best Chef Northeast by the James Beard Foundation more than once, in addition to The People’s Best New Chef for FOOD & WINE® magazine. Bjorn, in turn, passes this recognition on to the incredible farmers, artisans, chefs and purveyors, and the guests with whom he has the privilege of working. He is committed to using local, organic, ethical and natural ingredients whenever, and as much as, possible and giving the diner a truly exceptional experience on each plate, every night!

A Little History

The concept of Nudel began after Bjorn’s experience as a cook and aspiring chef in other restaurants. The original menu, as is reflected in the name, focused on pastas and salads – simple bowls of food that people could enjoy. The foundation that mattered most then, as it does today, was the ingredients. With guests at the center of his cooking process, Bjorn followed their lead and began to shift the restaurant’s focus. Over the years, the restaurant has evolved to offer more refined and unpretentious dining with an exciting menu reflective of good taste, fresh ingredients and some comfort and nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

photo credit: Ulf Nilsson

photo credit Ulf Nilsson