Dinner Menu

Saturday, February 5th, 2022

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Saturday’s Menu


Greek salad, roasted tomatoes, whipped feta & cucumber dressing, toasted naan 12

Artisinal lettuces, golden beets, goat cheese, quinoa, pistachios, burnt citrus vinaigrette 12

Frisee salad, crispy fingerlings, green lentils, bacon vinaigrette, slow poached egg  12

Spicy mustard green gumbo, tasso ham, jasmine rice, scallion 12

Grilled celery root, fried sticky rice, teriyaki, sweet potato and miso puree, togarashi 12

Broccoli & cheddar soup, store bought oyster crackers 8


Grass-fed double bacon cheeseburger, lettuce, pickles, beef fat onions, Cap’n Mac sauce, fries 16

Penne, slow roasted tomatoes, ricotta, parmesan 18

Beef & pork bolognese, linguini, shaky cheese 18

Fried Mahi fishcake, collard & black eyed pea stew, honey mustard slaw 18

Cheesy mustard spaetzle, sauerkraut, knockwurst, swiss 18

Duck confit leg, petite crimini poutine, cheese curds, mushroom gravy, frisee 25



Almond & chocolate pudding, whipped cream, almonds and toasted coconut

Lemon and olive oil cake, blueberry compote, cream cheese mousse

Chocolate sourdough toast, BMB bread & chocolate, whipped mocha mascarpone