Dinner Menu

Saturday, September 4th, 2021

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It’s Today’s Menu

Head lettuces, figs, goat cheese, almonds, strawberry vinaigrette 12

Buttermilk ranch salad, iceberg lettuce, corn, heirloom tomato, crumbs 12

Kimchi slaw, napa cabbage, cucumber, carrot, fish sauce, peanuts 10

Charred cabbage and broccoli, chili oil, fermented black beans, peanuts 12

Corn chowder, north county bacon, chives 8

Grilled bratwurst, pickled cabbage, bavarian mustard, brioche bun 7

Lobster roll, mayo, lemon, tarragon, brioche bun 24

Cauliflower curry, potato, jasmine rice, cucumber yogurt, naan bread 18

Fish and chips, beer battered hake, fries, slaw, tartar 18

Double cheeseburger, smoked onions, lettuce, pickles, dijonaise 12

Shrimp gumbo, andouille sausage, jasmine rice 22

Sides 5

Braised collard greens
French fries
Provolone, pickled broccoli, and olives