Dinner Menu

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

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Nudel in the Park

Chef Crafted Casual

Open Thursday – Sunday 12:30-8


It’s Today’s Menu

Head lettuces, figs, blue cheese, almonds, poppy seed vinaigrette  12

Buttermilk ranch salad, iceberg lettuce, corn, pickled snap peas, crumbs  12

Kimchi slaw, napa, cucumber, carrot, fish sauce, peanuts  10

Charred cabbage and broccoli, chili oil, fermented mustard greens, peanuts  12

Elote tacos, black beans, almond romesco, slaw, jalapeno, cilantro  10

Cheese plate, Arethusa farm Karlie’s gratitude, fig and mustard jam, toast  10

Corn chowder, north county bacon, chives  10

Chili mac ‘n cheese, ground beef, cheddar, green onion  15

Cauliflower curry, potato, jasmine rice, cucumber yogurt, naan bread  18

Cold lobster roll, lemon, tarragon, mayo  24

Double cheeseburger, smoked onions, lettuce, pickles, yellow mustard  12

Shrimp gumbo, andouille sausage, jasmine rice  22

Sides 5

Stewed collards and ham hocks
Refried black beans and rice
French fries