Dinner Menu

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

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Nudel in the Park

Chef Crafted Fast Casual for eating in, out, around or to-go

Open Thursday – Sunday 12:30-8

How to Order

1.) Check out the daily menu below

2.) Come in and order at the counter or Call 413-551-7184

3.) Choose Tray (ready to eat) or To-go

4.) Pay over the phone or when you pick up

5.) Smile, eat great food and enjoy your day

Today’s Menu

Buttermilk ranch salad, iceberg, pickled snap peas, red onion, crumbs    12

Strawberry and Figs, lettuces, goat cheese, poppy seed vin 12

Kimchi slaw, napa, jicama, fish sauce, peanuts   10

Marinated squid, hijiki and rice salad, cucumber, soy, sesame    12

Seasoned Beef tacos, monterey jack, chipotle sour cream, shredded lettuce      11

Currywurst, Schaller and Weber brats, fries, curry ketchup     15

Italian beef sandwich, giardiniera, arugula, hoagie roll     14

Seafood sausage sliders, herb aioli, pickled veggies    12

Papas bravas, fried potatoes, chorizo, queso fresco, jalapeno aioli, iceberg   12

Crispy Pork Rib Confit, chili gastrique 15

Cauliflower curry, potato, rice, naan bread, spiced yogurt   18

Shrimp gumbo, andouille sausage, jasmine rice, green onion   22

Sides   5

Apple-bacon, baked beans

Stewed collard greens

Sweet Potato Fries (cajun or salt)

Tomato tapenade pasta salad

Sweets 6.

Chocolate Almond Cake, malted strawberry

Cheesecake mousse,  blueberry compote, graham