Dinner Menu

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

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Wow, Wow, Wowzer, we are back with Spring Chicken.

Spring Chicken is celebrating sunshine packed days, starlit nights and mud packed sneaker treads with a take out menu suited perfectly for any craving that come with the excitement of a new season.

We are open Thursday through Sunday

 Day of Online Preorders 12-3

Telephone orders 4-8

Pickup available 4:15 to 8:15


Romaine salad, pickled tomatillos, cotija cheese, pepitas, fermented jalapeno dressing  10

Green bean salad, smoked trout, apple, beets, horseradish   12

Tostones with queso 8

Country style pate, cashews, pickles, whole grain mustard, toast   12

Smoked chicken, white bbq sauce, stewed greens, quinoa  14

The Big Taco Kit

chopped brisket, refried beans, lime slaw, cilantro 

fixings for 8 tacos


Pozole verde, grilled chicken, tortilla, shredded lettuce, radish  13

Pork belly “chicharrons”, grilled radiccio, radish, sweet soy  13

Ham and cheese spaetzle, peas, Swiss cheese, chives    18

Fish ball soup, nettles, ramps, coconut broth, rice on the side  18

Roasted Misty Knoll chicken breast, grilled brocollini, roasted tomatoes, rye berries, parmesan, pan jus       22

Brisket, lentils hash, pickled cabbage and fried onions 24