Dinner Menu

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

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Yes it’s true. The still rather new POP-UP is up and shredding.  Logan’s Lodge is serving ski-bum inspired hearty comfort creations to take home Wednesday through Saturday. 

Online ordering available from 12-3 day of or call after 4. 

Pick ups from 4:15-8:15. 


Today’s Menu

The Big Fun Over the Top Taco Kit

 fixin’s for 8 Chorizo and Bean Tacos 25$

(pro tip, toast, torch or steam tortillas and never over fill, cause if you pizza when you should french fry, you’re going to have a bad time)

Delicata, Romaine, buttermilk ranch, pepitas    10 

Frisee Salad, portobello bacon, suet caramelized vidalias, slow poached egg, whole grain mustard   12 

sweet potato, red pepper and molasses soup with chopped spinach and toasted garlic   10 

Chicken broth with root veggies and rye berries 10

The RETURN of THE KING, AKA Lauren’s FAV, Penne with roasted tomato, ricotta and parm 16

Organic chicken drums, napa cabbage herbs, peanut vinaigrette 14

Broccoli + Cheddar Mac, orecchiette crumbs  16 

Beef Bolognese, casareccia (pasta twists, sorta), shaky cheese    18

Cauliflower curry, potato, jasmine rice, grilled naan   18 

grilled bratwurst, braised red cabbage, apple, fried potatoes and onions    18

Seafood fried rice, kimchi, peas and shoots 20

braised pork cheeks,  rice + beans, plantains and salsa verde  22


GF pecan blondie with chocolate chips 4

Classic chocolate cake, cinnamon cream cheese whip 6


feel free to add on a bottle of wine or bubbly when you pickup