Dinner Menu

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

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To Begin


Grapefruit, Beet and Frisee Salad

hazelnut, feta and mint

Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Apple Salad

maple peanut butter dressing, peanuts

Hijiki and Blue Star Crab

daikon, carrot, sesame, pea shoots

Duck Liver and Almond Mousse

fig, aged balsamic, mustard and toasts

Peppered Grassfed Beef Tartare

roasted onion, Maytag blue and potato chips

Carrot and Fennel Soup

lentils, chili and EVOO

 Chicken Skin Tacos

Crossroad Dave’s almond romesco, bodega jalapeno

 refried beans and slaw

BMB toasts 3.



Goat Cheese Cavatelli

swiss chard, brown butter, rosemary, pomegranate

Mustard Spaetzle

sauerkraut, cured whey fed pork and pickles

Larger Plates

 “Confit” of East Coast Halibut

leek + savoy cabbage soubise, herbs, carrots, peas from the freezer


Roasted Maitakes and Broccoli

cashew “creamed” spinach, crumble fries, cipollini, Worcestershire

24 hr Cured Grassfed 6oz Tenderloin

oyster mushrooms, barley, marrow jus, roasted fingerlings


Stewed Gigantes

tomato, coconut, ginger, spiced yogurt and basmati


Double Cut Lamb Chops

kale, olives, red quinoa, cauliflower, orange and chickpea




Dark Chocolate Pudding

banana, whipped cream, cocoa crumbs and ducle leche

Yogurt Panna Cotta

honey, toasted rice crispies

Cottage Cheese Beignets

mango-pineapple jam