Dinner Menu

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

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To Begin


Shaved Apple and Celery Salad

peanut butter dressing, raisins

Green Beans and Local Napa Cabbage

hijiki, cucumber, sesame, soy and scallion

Gold Belmonda Potatoes and Kale

whipped feta, leeks and pepitas

Warm Abode Farm Carrots and Farro

Brussels, smoked pancetta, walnuts, white balsamic

Broccoli and White Bean Soup

toasted garlic, parsley and lemon

Refried Bean and Cheese Tacos

Queso Oaxaca, bodega jalapeno, slaw, cilantro

Fried Rice and Chicken Wing Croquettes

smoked hot sauce, carrot, celery and blue cheese

BMB toasts 3.

 Larger Plates


rutabaga crema, black truffle, pecorino, crumbs


Roasted Maitakes and Broccoli

cashew “creamed” spinach, crumble fries, cipollini, Worcestershire

Pan Roasted Cod

carrots, peas from the freezer, capers, watercress puree


Smoked Portobello

barley, cauliflower and gruyere “risotto”


Beef Meatloaf

fingerlings, blistered green beans, thyme and marrow jam


Stewed Gigantes

tomato, coconut, ginger, spiced yogurt and basmati




Dark Chocolate Pudding

banana, whipped cream, cocoa crumbs and dulce de leche

Yogurt Panna Cotta

honey, toasted oats