Dinner Menu

Saturday, September 7th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


Nancy’s Hudson Valley Sheep Camembert, seasonal garnishes, toasts

Romaine and Corn Salad, queso fresco, black beans, jalapeno, lime

Curried Hummus of Split Peas and Pumpkin Seeds, zucchini, pita

Beef Tartare, horseradish, caraway, pickled beets

Swordfish Toast, lemon, radish, dill pickle and bitter green mustard

Woven Root’s Beets, rocket, sunflower seed, pecorino and fennel

Slow Poached Farm Egg, lamb and chickpea hash, spiced 57

Petite Stew of Long Island Squid, Italian sausage, farro, braised greens

BMB toasts     3.



Spaetzle, chicken paprikash, pepperoncini, sour cream, black pepper

Portobello Confit, cashew “creamed” brown rice + lentils, yeast

Larger Plates

Blue Star Crab Cakes

tomatoes, fennel, lemon, red peppers, quinoa                                       26.

Grilled Tuna or La Bell Farm Duck Confit

duck fat fried rice, dandelion greens, scallion, ginger, shoyu                   32./26.

NY State Veal Stew

black olives, sundried tomato, sweet corn, parsley and orzo                    24.

Fried Whey Fed Pork Chops

buttered peas, carrots, zucchini, Thai basil, “pho spices”                        26.

Grilled Center Cut Grass Fed NY Strip (10oz)

marrow roasted tomato, massaged kale, radish, crumble fries                 38.