Dinner Menu

Friday, July 5th, 2019

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Summer Prix Fixe

Dill Pickled Hepworth Sugar Snaps

Ronny Brook buttermilk, cucumber, bacon and pea shoots

Woven Roots Butterhead Lettuces

sunflower seed, lemon, pretty herbs

White bean and Artichoke Heart Hummus

toasted ciabatta, EVOO, garlic, pepperoncini

R+G Goat’s Milk Camembert

 fruit preserves, toasts

Jalapeno and Rice “Poppers”

black beans, celtuce, tomato and scallion

Hakurei, Napa and Cucumber Slaw

brown rice, ginger, shoyu, almond, sesame and pumpkin seed

Toasted Corn Spaetzle

bbq’d pork, bitter greens, coffee and molasses

Farro and Portobello “Sausage”

eggplant, cubanelle peppers, fennel, black olive marinara, pecorino, crumbs 

Grilled Carrot Steak

 chickpea stew, apricot yogurt, couscous, lime, turmeric

Roasted Confit of Le Belle Farms Duck Thigh

warm frisee, potato and Vidalia, rhubarb + red wine chutney

Roasted Breast of Misty Knoll Chicken

buttermilk grits, grilled broccoli, roasted garlic, kale

Grilled Filet of Idaho Trout

spinach, peas from the freezer, sugar snaps, paprika, carrot


Any Three Courses 50.