Dinner Menu

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


Frisee, Fennel and Feta, grapefruit, beets, pumpkin seeds

Carrot, Curry and Chicken Soup, tomato, yogurt, chickpeas

Watercress and Apple, grains of paradise, sour cream and celeriac

Rice and Beans, buttered pintos, avocado and chili crema, queso

Salt Cod Fritters, saffron aioli, peppers, cucumber and sherry

Japanese Rice Croquettes, Hosta Hill kimchi and beef “chili”, sesame

Charred Portobello Confit, lentils, peas, arugula pesto, mushrooms (lg. 18.)

BMB toasts     3.



Spaetzle and Pork, mustard, veal and chives

Basically Hamburger Helper, elbows, Vermont cheddar

Larger Plates

Fried Misty Knoll Chicken Thighs

Ronny Brook buttermilk, bacon, collards, yam, cornbread                       24.

Steelhead Fritters

pickled beet nage, cress, wasabi tobiko, green onion                             22.

Leg of Duck Confit

kale, apple, cabbage, ginger and cider

Grilled Lamb Chops (10oz)

white bean, olives, orange, Swiss chard, chilies, cauliflower and polenta  32.

Skirt Steak (8oz)  or  Center Cut Grass Fed NY Strip (14oz)                  28./42.

fingerlings, wilted spinach, onions, balsamic and blue cheese