Dinner Menu

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


Woven Roots Lettuces, brie and rhubarb dressing, croutons, radish

Beef Tartare, Hosta Hill kimchi, toasted nori, cucumber, shrimp chips

Split Pea Hummus, pepperoncini, peppers, sumac, toasts and chips

Marinated Asparagus and Oakwook Shiitakes, bonito, scallion, leek, sesame

Spicy Beef and Bean Tacos, jalapeno, cheddar + sour cream slaw

Saffron Cod Fritters, tomato, Calabrian chili, black olive and fennel

Grilled Asparagus, bitter green pistou, Berle Farm Crowdie, sunflower seeds

Charred Confit of Portobello, quinoa, cashew, Worcestershire and malt

BMB toasts       3.



Cavatelli, braised chicken, asparagus, carrots, brown butter and pecorino

Penne, pecan, blue cheese and bitter green pesto, pea

Larger Plates

Fried Jumbo Soft Shell Crab(s)

warm bacon and potato salad, arugula, lentils, ramp ranch


Butter Poached Fresh U15 Gulf Shrimp

grits, turnips, greens, rhubarb, black pepper and shallot


24hr Wagyu Brisket

beet, horseradish, kale, rye berries and radish


Cutlet of Vermont Chicken Breast

broccoli, herbs, buttered potatoes, peas, and shoots