Dinner Menu

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


Organic Romaine, blood oranges, macadamia and champagne

Smoked Trout Mousse, pickles, mustard and toast

Crispy Chickpea Salad, feta, cucumber, tahini, pepperoncini, yogurt

Roasted Beets and Grapes, hazelnuts, frisee, ricotta salata, balsamic

Carrot “Carpaccio”, peas from the freezer, shoots, horseradish sour cream

Scallion Rice Croquettes, spicy beef “chili”, napa cabbage, sesame

Charred Portobello Confit, couscous, almond, oyster mushrooms (lg. 18.)

BMB toasts     3.



Linguini, NEFF beef + pork Bolognese, pecorino

Spaetzle, braised veal, green cabbage and mustard

Fusilli Gigante, smoked broccoli “Mac + Cheese”, crumbs

 Larger Plates

Seared Monkfish

spicy piccata of tomato, mussels and farro, caper, meyer lemon              26.

Leg of La Belle Farm Duck Confit

apple, rutabaga, radish and red watercress                                             26.

Roasted Breast of Misty Knoll Chicken                                     

Brussels sprouts, spiced yam, pecans and bacon                                    24.

Grilled Lamb Chops (10-12oz)

white bean, olives, Swiss chard, chilies, cauliflower and polenta               36.

Braised Shoulder of Grass Fed Beef

milk poached garlic, yukons, broccoli, melted onions                              25.