Dinner Menu

Saturday, December 14th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


Warm Delicata Squash, spinach, walnuts, radish, red wine, gorgonzola

Dad’s Apple Salad, peanuts, hazelnuts, currants, maple and sage

Trout Schmear, grated beets, kohlrabi, pickled cabbage, rye and horseradish

R+G Goat Camembert from Troy, NY, almost savory “jams” and toasts

Portobello and Swiss Cheese Croquettes, French onion gravy (not vegetarian)

Cauliflower, Red Pepper and Split Pea Soup, braised greens

BMB toasts 3.



Butternut Mac and Cheese, shells, NY cheddar, maple crumbs 

Linguini, spaghetti squash, ricotta, black olive tapenade, pecorino

Spaetzle, boar sausage, sauerkraut, mustard, celery and apple

Larger Plates

Maine Mussels and Six Mates Shrimp

saffron, cauliflower, orange, chili and carrots


Shoyu Roasted Pork Shoulder

fried rice, cinnamon, star anise and garlic


La Belle Farms Leg of Duck Confit

kale, crimini, fingerlings, pickled radish


Cured Eye of Grassfed NY Strip (10oz)

melted + grilled onions, spinach, steak fries, blue cheese and black pepper