Dinner Menu

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

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Smaller Plates



Last of the Season Butterhead Lettuces, red wine, delicata, parmesan

Pear, Golden Beet and Rosemary Soup, chestnut crème fraiche, sumac

R+G Goat Camembert, jams and toasts

W.R. Daikon, spinach “tartare”, sesame, yuzu tobiko, hijiki + scallion dashi 

Button Mushroom and Buttermilk Mousse, pickles, mustard and toast

Slow Poached Farm Egg, corned beef hash, pea shoots

Tacos of Sweet Potato “Chorizo”, lime slaw, pumpkin seeds, queso blanco

BMB toasts 3.



Spaetzle, braised rabbit, carrot and cream

Linguini, “alfredo” of rutabaga, black truffle and pecorino

Charred Confit of Portobello, cashew + trumpet “risotto”, toasted yeast


Larger Plates

 Braised Beef Shortrib

marrow roasted roots, red wine wilted spinach, pickled radish                 28.

La Belle Farm Duck Confit

radicchio, carrot and fennel l’orange, duck fat fried lentil puree               26.

Steelhead Fritters

chickpeas, olive panisse, artichoke, marinated shrimp and chilies             22.


bacon braised kale, fingerling potatoes, mustard and celeriac                 20.