Dinner Menu

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

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Smaller Plates


White Fish Fritters, Old Bay aioli, russet potato, parsley, cabbage

Tortilla Soup, pumpkin seeds, queso fresco

Trout Mousse, pickles, mustard, toasts

Shaved Apples, mustard vin, spinach, pecorino

Soft Rind Ripened Cheese, honey, pickled blueberries, grains of paradise

 Arctic Char Lox, pickled onions, shaved vegetables, potato

Beef “Tartare,” mirepoix emulsion, chives, slow poached egg

Veal and Bacon Sausage, brandy, pickled cabbage, toast

BMB toasts     3.

Larger Plates

 Roasted Eggplant, Moroccan lentil stew, cilantro chutney                       18.

Fusilli Giganti, kohlrabi top pesto, ricotta and pecorino                    18.

 Cavatelli, duck ragout, cabbage, currants, root vegetables                      18.

Fried Joyce Farms’ Chicken Thighs

grits, chili braised collards, pickled watermelon rind                                24.

Roasted Cod                                               

bone marrow + almond emulsion, celeriac, apple                                   26.

 Six Mates Shrimp

fingerlings, “clam chowder,” fennel                                                       26.

  Brined Pork Loin

sweet potato and cabbage, turnip puree, pickled onions, parsley            26.