Dinner Menu

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

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Summer Prix Fixe

Bitter Lettuces

yogurt, dill, mint, sesame, hazelnuts

Leaf Lettuces

peaches and cream vinaigrette, toasted oats

White Fish Toast

radish tartar sauce, B&B pickles

Woven Roots’ Carrots and Peppers

almond romesco, corn, Fresno chilies, crema and tortilla

Marinated Broccoli and Bell Peppers

Berleberg, red wine vinaigrette, crumbs

Rawson Brook Chevre + Burnt Eggplant “Dip”

chickpeas, herbs, pita

Black Duck Farm Duck Egg

duck and pickled pepper hash

Mezzemaniche, spicy Italian sausage, peppers + onions, Parmesan

Almost Eggplant Parm, ricotta, marinara, arugula

Pan Seared Halibut (4. Supplement)

 spicy corn stew, tomato, lime, tomatillo, cilantro

 Braised Veal Breast

shallot, fennel seed, farro, broccoli “marrow”

Grilled Idaho Trout

roasted beets, sorrel, horseradish, rye berries, pea shoots

Confit of Pork Ribs

cherry tomato grits, collard greens, sweet pepper gastrique

Any Three Courses 45.