Dinner Menu

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

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Chilled Carrot Soup

Animal Farm buttermilk, Crowdie, apricots

Good Friend’s Head Lettuces

champagne vinegar, pistachios, sweet onion

The Frye’s Greenish Mango Salad

peanuts, napa, rice noodles, pickled shrimp vinaigrette

Cricket Creek Berkshire Bloom Cheese

black pepper, strawberry jam, hazelnuts and toasts

“Linguini” of Zucchini

pepperoncini marinara, salami, dandelion greens and parmesan

Slow Poached Farm Egg

bacon broth, mussels, blistered scapes, escarole

Garganelli, beef Bolognese, “shaky cheese”

Fusilli col Buco arugula-walnut pesto, peas, Grana Padano, crumbs

Pan Roasted Misty Knoll Chicken Thigh

Farmer Ground grits, broccoli, chili, lemon

Overnight Roasted Shoulder of Beef

fried onions, spinach, gravy, scapes and parsley

Beer Battered Cod

“remoulade” of kohlrabi + fennel, cornichons, lentils, lettuces

Day Boat Halibut

lemongrass, sugar snap and coconut “risotto”, Thai basil, tobiko