Dinner Menu

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

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Smaller Plates


“Caesar” of Kale from Lee

green olives, Parmesan and crumbs

Swordfish Salad “Roll”

buttered bun, sundried tomatoes, capers, chili oil, lettuces

Generic Iceberg

Hawthorne yogurt, smoked mead vinegar, carrots and apricots

Woven Roots’ Young Greens

walnuts, pickled asparagus, Vidalia onion, champagne

Vermont Creamery Bijou Goat Cheese

black pepper-strawberry jam, hazelnuts and toasts

Almost DA|BA’s White Fish Roe Toast

crème fraiche, dill, onion

Shaved Mango from the Frye’s

rice noodles, rau ram leaves, fish sauce, chilies, peanuts

Slow Poached Egg

roasted pork dashi, pok choi and spring garlic

Larger Plates

Garganelli, braised veal, peas, High Lawn ricotta, lemon, parsley


Crispy Lamb Neck

curry, carrots, chickpea, tahini and pomegranate molasses


Pan Roasted John Dory

quinoa, spinach, sofrito and basil vinegar


Rhode Island Monkfish

stewed beech mushrooms, spelt berries, sea beans and cucumber


24hr Cured NY Strip

crimini mushrooms, grilled onions, arugula, “frites”


Pennsylvania Duck Confit

Swiss chard, white beans, pecorino, spring garlic, cabbage




 Side Hill Farm Frozen Yogurt

strawberries, lychee syrup, ginger, coconut, whipped cream

Strawberry and Chocolate Pancake

chocolates, nibs, maple and more strawberry