Dinner Menu

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

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Smaller Plates


“Caesar” of Spinach from Lee

green olives, anchovies, Parmesan and crumbs

Chicken Salad “Roll”

buttered bun, Delftree shiitakes, lettuces

Massaged Kale from Lee

Hawthorne yogurt, smoked mead vinegar, carrots and apricots

Woven Roots’ Lettuces

walnuts, pickled asparagus, Vidalia onion, champagne

Black Pepper Trout Mousse

pickles, mustard and toasts

Almost DABA’s White Fish Roe

toast, crème fraiche, dill and onion

Shaved Mango from the Frye’s

rice noodles, rau ram leaves, fish sauce, chilies, peanuts

Slow Poached Egg

roasted pork, dashi, pok choi and spring garlic

Larger Plates

Seared Trout Filet

stewed beech mushrooms, spelt berries, sea beans and cucumber

Orecchiette, gulf shrimp sausage, bacon, peas from the freezer and Parmesan


Crispy Lamb Neck

chickpea and tahini puree, curry, carrots and pomegranate molasses


Grilled Swordfish

sofrito, quinoa, spinach and basil vinegar


24hr Cured NY Strip

crimini mushrooms, grilled onions, arugula, “frites”


Seared Pork Belly

Swiss chard, pecorino, spring garlic, jus




 Vanilla Panna Cotta

rhubarb jam and milk crunch

Side Hill Farm Frozen Yogurt

strawberries, lychee syrup, ginger, coconut