Dinner Menu

Monday, May 21st, 2018

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Smaller Plates


Spinach and Sorrel Salad

Berle Farm yogurt and Cricket Creek feta dressing, radish, sunflower seed

Spicy Baby Greens

serrano chili and chevre vinaigrette, toasted pumpkin seeds

Grilled Hadley Asparagus

lemon and bitter green pistou, pecorino

Beef Tartare

chorizo, english muffin, green onion and cilantro

Trout Mousse

pickles, toast and mustard

Grilled Squid

peanut butter and chicken rice, scallion, chili vinaigrette

Whitefish Fritters

celery root, orange and cabbage

Green Lentil Soup

white verjus, tomato, croutons

Larger Plates

Beer Battered Soft Shell Crab Roll

buttered bun, Old Bay aioli, pickeld bibb lettuce


Garganelli, NEFF beef Bolognese, “shaky cheese”


Spaetzle and Asparagus

capers, dandelion, spring garlic and cheddar curds


Misty Knoll Chicken Breast

garlic mustard, carrots, frisee and Japanese turnips


Grilled Portobello “Confit”

sun dried tomato, chevre and grains


24hr Cured NEFF Strip Steak

king oyster mushroom and potato hash, upland cress, Worcestershire, asparagus


Pan roasted Skate Wing

white beans and roasted tomato, spinach 



Orange Frozen Hawthorne Valley Yogurt

rhubarb jam, ginger, toasted oats and poppy

Lemon Cheesecake

blueberry, pistachio and almond crumb