Dinner Menu

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

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 Smaller Plates 

Steelhead Trout Mousse

crumbled egg, mustard, toast


Generic Iceberg

curry and turmeric Thousand Island dressing and croutons


Carrot and Cream Cheese Tortelloni

vegetable broth and chives


Not So Local Frisee Salad

apples, walnuts, spiced date and honey


Over Wintered Beets

young arugula, oats, poppy,

crème fraiche, citrus


Chicken Croquettes

tomato jam, peppers, cauliflower


Slow Poached Farm Egg

sausage, green beans,

pecorino and spinach


Larger Plates

Mushroom and Edamame “Meatballs”

daikon, sriracha “ketchup”,

sesame, seaweed                                                                      10./20.

Veal and Beef Bolognese

garganelli and Parmesan                                                          11./22.

Braised Beef and Pepperoncini

High Lawn cream, Pizzichi di Farro,

green onions, buttered crumbs                                     11./22.

Snake River Farms Pork Chop

spicy Colfax bean stew, lime slaw                                           24.

Seared Pennsylvania Duck Breast

roasted beets, maple glazed celeriac,

red wine gastrique                                                                   26.

Grilled Rack of Lamb

button mushroom ragout, endive,

Brussels sprouts                                                                      34.

Sautéed Louisiana Shrimp

Creole lobster sauce, grits, watercress                          14./28.

Wild Striped Bass

turnip, roasted radish, caper, saffron,

parsle, orange                                                                          32.



Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

broken cake, crème de menthe, toasted milk crumb

Cream Cheese Ice Cream Sundae

apple caramel, pecan crumble, whip