Dinner Menu

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

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Snacks                 5.

Bacon-potato salad

Apple, cabbage salad

Pretzel, fondue

Paprika cheese

Gouda fries

Hosta kraut

Pickled herring in cream

Boudin fritters

Brussels, maple Dijon

Chicken croquettes


Wursts                                   6.

Wurst, mustard seed, kraut

Bacon-cheddar wurst, onions, mustard seed

Currywurst, curry ketchup


Henni’s Bean Sausage, Dijonaise

Blintz                         10.

Smoked trout, horseradish

Mushroom fondue

Veggies and Swiss

Appetitzers                           10.

Potato, leek, bacon soup

Potato rosti, creamed spinach, egg

Cabbage soup, sour cream, paprika

Duck terrine, pineapple

Lettuces, radish, buttermilk


Spätzle                                   12.

Bacon, cabbage, sour cream and onions

Kraut and dogs

Mushrooms, Brussels and fondue

Tongue, mustard, pickles

Plates                                                 22.

Wiener Schnitzel, potato, cucumber, lingon berries

Jager Schnitzel, crimini, bacon, spaetzle

Turkey Butter Schnitzel, gravy, fries

Hungarian Goulash, pepperoncini, spaetzle

Trout, potato rosti, sour cream, dill

Cabbage stuffed cabbage, ancient grains