Dinner Menu

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

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Jenn’s Head Lettuces

cucumbers, tomatoes, chevre and garlic vinaigrette, bagel seeds

Peach and Beet Salad

red onion, red wine, feta, Berle Yogurt, pumpkin seeds

 Heirloom Tomatoes

corn vinaigrette, crema, cilantro, tortilla salt, black beans

Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes and Black Olives

fried mozzarella croutons, red peppers, balsamic


Peppered Trout Mousse

pickles, mustard and toasts

 Carrot and Rye Bread “Pate”

horseradish and carrots

Cold Meatloaf Terrine

roasted onions, mustard, pickled red cabbage, toasts


Pork Posole

hominy, chipotle, pinto beans

Corn Chowder

bacon, roux, jalapeno and green onion

Burnt Eggplant Soup

fried chickpeas, tahini and sumac


Orecchiette, spicy pork sausage, black olives and red peppers

Linguini, corn “alfredo,” chili flakes and Parmesan


Seared Misty Knoll Chicken Thigh

braised kale, button mushrooms and matzo balls, Scarborough herbs

Pan Roasted Idaho Trout

sweet onion, brown butter, lentils, capers, arugula

Northstar Lamb Meatballs

ratatouille, ricotta and oregano

Grilled Portobello “Steak”

kohlrabi, white miso, peas, maitake, toasted garlic, brown basmati

Crispy Curried Chicken Drums

wax beans, zucchini and potato


Dark Chocolate Brownies, white chocolate mousse, red wine, cherries

Yogurt Panna Cotta, peaches, pecan streusel