Dinner Menu

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

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To Start


Spicy B.L.T. Tacos

braised bacon, aioli, almond romesco, lettuce and tomato

Veal Rillettes

pickles, toasts and mustard

Generic Romaine

Pete’s tomatoes, brined cucumbers, chevre vinaigrette, everything crumbs

Crispy Maitake Mushrooms

spicy blue cheese, peas from the freezer, pickled red onion

Chopped Trout Schmear

horseradish, crumble egg, cornichon, mustard and upland cress

Slow Poached Farm Egg

baked beans, smoked ham hock, cabbage salad

Skate Cakes

parsley, malt, aioli and frisee

Curried Chicken Salad

kohlrabi, sweet corn, cilantro and lime

Semolina toasts (3.)



Linguini, beef Bolognese, crumbs, “shaky” cheese

Rigatoncini, sausage and eggplant marinara, Parmesan

Braised Delftree Portobello, “risotto” of grains and arugula

Meatloaf Hoagie, onion gravy, smoky chips and L.T.O.

Larger Plates


Leg of Long Island Duck Confit

spaetzle, melted cabbage, mustard and lentils 

Corned Veal Breast

matzo, mushroom, kale, celery and rye

Sautéed Black Bass

ratatouille , zucchini and ricotta fritters, radicchio



Berle Farm Yogurt Panna Cotta

blueberries and pecan streusel

Almond Cake and Peaches

peach and jalapeno sorbet, whipped cream