Dinner Menu

Friday, August 18th, 2017

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Grilled Pork Hanger Steak Tacos

black beans, corn, jalapeno and slaw

Marinated Beefsteak Tomato

Boston “bacon”, black pepper aioli, challah and lettuce

Jenn’s Head Lettuces

pickled garlic and chevre vinaigrette, fresh croutons, cherry tomatoes

Peach and Cucumber Salad

feta, red wine, red onion and pumpkin seeds

Chilled Avocado and Buttermilk Veloute

everything crumbs, garlic, quinoa, tomato

Button Mushroom and Almond Pate

more mushrooms, mustards, toasts

Lamb Rillettes

honey, tamarind, raisins, cilantro, red onion

Chilled Carrot Soup

whey, lemon, carrot juice and carrot chips


Rice and Chicken Wing Croquettes

Maytag blue cheese, carrot puree, celery and sambal

Fried Maitake Roll

aioli, pickles, malt and crispy potatoes


Garganelli, Caesar braised kale and carrots, lemon

Pizzichi di Farro, braised beef, pepperoncini, sour cream

Orecchiette, eggplant and pine nut pesto, Lee farms ricotta

Smoked Steelhead Cake, wax beans, lettuces, pickled cabbage and dill


Crispy Lamb Neck

potato, milk poached garlic puree, radicchio, broccolini

Roasted Thigh of Misty Knoll Chicken

creamed corn, jasmine rice, smoked paprika, charred cherry tomatoes

Pan Seared Skate Wing

tomato, saffron, fennel, zucchini, black olives, chickpea

Grilled Portobello “Steak”

shiitake, beech and miso fried rice, peas and kohlrabi


Almond and Chocolate Pound Cake, blueberries and cream, butter crunch, whip

Lemon Cheesecake, baked peaches, pecan struesel