Dinner Menu

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

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 Valentine’s Day Menu

Three Courses for Forty-Five

Four Courses for Fifty Five


Soup of Lobster and Woven Roots Celeriac

sherry, chive and chervil

Chardonnay Braised Local Carrots

Point Reyes Blue cheese mousse, walnut “cookies”, golden raisins, white balsamic

Smoked Mackerel Rillettes

celery, apple, challah, horseradish and upland cress


Delftree Maitaike Mushrooms

frisee, smoked onions, slow poached egg

Crispy Frog Legs

peas from the freezer, ham béarnaise, English muffin

Broccoli and Black Truffle Risotto

crispy artichoke hearts, mascarpone, arugula and lemon


“Baked” Cod and Crumbs

cauliflower, capers, lemon, romaine and parsley

Roasted Leg of Duck Confit

lentils, grapes, thyme, mustard and Brussels sprouts

Petite NEFF NY Strip

marrow wilted spinach, fingerling potatoes, red wine and black pepper


Dark Chocolate Mousse

raspberry, coconut, maple, almond and oats

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

vanilla bean, grapefruit, toasted pistachio crunch

Pineapple and Orange “Cobbler”

spiced white chocolate, mango and rum