Dinner Menu

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

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To Start


Spiced Pork Terrine

carrot kimchi, Napa cabbage, sticky rice, sesame

Arugula from Lee

strawberries, yogurt, grains of paradise, poppy, pistachio

Filet of Grilled Portobello

zucchini, cucumber, Japanese chili, sesame

Whipped Tofu with Peanuts and Sunflower Seeds

Diego’s shiitakes, Chinese long pepper, shoyu

Warm Salad of Duck Confit and Frisee

barley, ramp vinegar and black pepper, mushrooms

Raw Kale and Berle Farm Yogurt

saffron, chickpea vinaigrette, fennel seed, pickled grapes

Swiss Chard and Garlic Soup

potato, High Lawn cream, lemon and quinoa

Local Young Greens

champagne vinegar, Mill River honey, toasted walnuts

Semolina toasts (3.)



Rigatoncini, beef Bolognese, pecorino

Orecchiette, garlic scape, green olive and pine nut pesto, chevre

Crispy Chicken Drums, spicy almond crema, rice salad

Pancetta of Veal Breast, mustard, broccoli, rabe, pickled cabbage

Large Plates


Smoked Paprika and Spice Rubbed Shoulder of Pork

braised greens, beans, cabbage salad

Roasted Wing of East Coast Skate

dandelion, kalamata, sun dried tomato, orange and zucchini



Toasted Chocolate Bread

rhubarb cream cheese, strawberries and salted butter crunch

Coconut Banana Bread

more coconut, more banana and a walnut semifreddo