Dinner Menu

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

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 Smaller Plates


Woven Roots Young Lettuces

Animal Farm buttermilk, dill, red onion, celery, croutons

Pork Carnita Tacos

almond romesco, jalapeno slaw, scallions

Roasted Woven Roots Beets

pomegranate, carrots, cilantro, yogurt and lime

Butternut and Chipotle Soup

coriander, pumpkin seed oil, Mexican oregano and oranges

Carpaccio of Royal Trumpet

mustard, lemon, fried capers, einkorn berries

Generic Romaine

turnip, shaved apple and blue cheese

Semolina toasts 3.                Greens with vinaigrette 8.

Medium Plates


Spaetzle, braised rabbit, white wine, mustard and tarragon

Garganelli, shredded veal neck, High Lawn ricotta, lemon, herbs

Maitake and Oyster Mushrooms from North Adams

aged miso congee, edamame, Japanese turnip, kale and sesame

North Star Lamb Stew, red wine, mirepoix, crema, chives

Larger Plates


Roasted Icelandic Cod

chopped clams, carrots, russet potatoes, black pepper, cream

Pennsylvania Duck Breast

braised curried spinach, lentils and shaved kohlrabi

Braised Cricket Creek Veal

tomato, fennel, polenta and arugula

Turkey Schnitzel

brown butter, capers, spaghetti squash, cranberry and walnuts 



Baked New York Apples, bay leaf ice cream, pepper struesel, caramel

Butternut Cake, candied walnuts, maple, cream cheese mousse

Hazelnut Brownie, vanilla ice cream, brown butter marshmallow, raisins