Dinner Menu

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

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To Start


 Poached Idaho Trout Toast

smoked mussels, chili aioli, pickled fiddleheads

Diego’s First Shiitakes

asparagus, sesame, kimchi, bonito, soy nuts

Roasted Beets

yogurt and beet kvass emulsion, golden raisins and chamomile

“Hadley Grass”, aka Asparagus

lemon, farm egg, buttered crumbs

Woven Roots Young Greens

Point Reyes blue cheese and almonds

Cabbage Stuffed Cabbage

rice, “Singapore seasoning”, scallion broth

Bitter Greens

burnt citrus vinaigrette, feta and pistachios

Broccoli and Grilled Ramp “Ranch”

chopped portabellas, shaved radish and dill seed



Garganelli, braised chicken and sunflower seeds, radicchio, Montasio and lemon

Penne, roasted tomato, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan, EVOO and garlic

A Limited Amount of Soft Shell Crabs

aioli, pickled celery, young greens and potato

Ricotta Cavetelli, nettle and pine nut pesto, asparagus and pecorino

Larger Plates


Chicken, Bacon, Ramp

Vermont chicken thighs, bacon, wheat berries, pea and ramp spring “stew”

Pan Fried Veal Schnitzel

mushroom and potato fricassee, fried garlic, mustard, and spinach from Marty



Rhubarb and Apple Crisp

ginger crème anglaise, whipped cheesecake

Baked Lemon Honey Custard

lemon curd, raspberry jam, chamomile and pistachio

Chocolate Rice Pudding “Sundae”

hot fudge, coconut cream, crushed fortune cookie, almond