Dinner Menu

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

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To Start


 Artisanal Head Lettuces and Beets

currant vinaigrette, poppy seeds and almonds

Woven Roots Daikon “Katsu”

sesame and Hosta Hill kimchi emulsion, marinated cucumbers, more kimchi

Soy Nut Hummus

lemon, parsley and toast

Not Local Romaine and Very Local Carrots

Castelvetrano olive dressing, Parmesan and “garlic bread”

Crispy Confit Pork Ribs

blue cheese, cherry BBQ and celery root

Cricket Creek Pork and Apple Liverwurst

pickles, smoked onion and sherry emulsion

Cabbage Stuffed Cabbage

rice, “Singapore seasoning”, scallion broth

Bitter Greens

burnt citrus vinaigrette, feta and pistachios

Skate Wing Tacos

almond romesco, slaw and bodega jalapeno



Rigatoncini, beef Bolognese, “shaky” cheese

Whitefish Cake, caper, lemon, dill, lentil, romaine and cucumber

Braised Portobello from North Adams, crimini jus, grains and pickled buttons

Larger Plates


Filets of Farm Raised Idaho Trout

bacon and pea salad, crushed potatoes, wild leek, pea shoots and sour cream

Roasted Vermont Chicken Thighs

polenta, broccoli, tomato, Parmesan, Calabrian chili, arugula



Vanilla Cheesecake

citrus marmalade, seeded cookies

Baked Lemon Honey Custard

lemon curd, raspberry jam, chamomile and pistachio

Bittersweet Chocolate Cake

currants, cherries, red wine and whipped cream