Dinner Menu

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

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To Start


Spicy Tortilla and Bean Soup

scallion, jalapeno, almond romesco, crema

Soy Nut Hummus

tahini, lemon, parsley and toast

Not Local Romaine and Very Local Carrots

Castelvetrano olive dressing, Parmesan and “garlic bread”

Woven Roots Daikon “Katsu”

sesame and Hosta Hill kimchi emulsion, marinated cucumbers, more kimchi

Smoked Steelhead and Egg Salad

matzo, horseradish, caraway salt and red onion

Roasted Beets and Currants

watercress, poppy and grilled onion

Mill River Spinach

burnt citrus vinaigrette, feta and pistachios

Potato Latke

apple salad, sour cream and chives

semolina toasts 3.



Orecchiette, sausage, kale, white bean, Calabria chili oil and focaccia crumbs

Confit of Maine Lamb Neck, cucumbers, mint, mustard and peas from the freezer

Braised Portobello from North Adams, lentils, criminis, parsley and farro

Larger Plates


Roasted Skate Wing

butter braised artichokes fresh from the can, celery, tarragon and potato

Whey Braised Veal Breast

Berle Farm polenta, pine nuts, spinach, saffron and carrots



Vanilla Cheesecake

citrus marmalade, oatmeal raisin cookie

Bittersweet Chocolate Cake

red wine poached cherries and currants

Baked Lemon Honey Custard

lemon curd, raspberry jam, chamomile whipped cream and pistachio