Dinner Menu

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

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To Start


Dad’s Apple Salad

maple vinaigrette, hazelnuts, peanuts, sage, currants

 Woven Roots’ Greens

smoked chili vinaigrette, cotija, pumpkin seeds

Split Pea and Ham Soup

green and yellow peas, Nueskes ham

 Endive and Spelt Berries

tarragon, grapefruit, grains of paradise, poppy seeds

Chicken Liver and Sunflower Seed Pate

pickles, chutney, mustard and toast

Chickpea and Feta Hummus

pimenton, more feta, chips and toasts

NY State Farm Egg

corned beef hash, potato, mustard

Smoked Celery Root Veloute

poached trout salad, chives and watercress

To Continue


 Scotch Egg, sausage, sage, cheddar and an English muffin

 Steelhead Trout “Patty”, challah bun, celery root remoulade and lettuces

Long Island Duck Leg Confit, Brussels sprouts, turnips, spiced parsnip puree

Linguini, pancetta, mussels, tomato and black pepper crumbs

Garganelli, creamed peas, potato, pistachio and pecorino

Roasted Idaho Trout, curried cauliflower, green apple vinaigrette, lentils



 NEFF Hanger Steak

potato gratin, actually still local spinach, maitakes

Spiced Lamb Meatballs

chickpea and tomato stew, orange, carrot, yogurt



Rice Krispie Treat

banana, peanut butter mousse, chocolate sauce, sprinkles

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

cherries, hazelnut crumble

Chocolate Tres Leche

caramel milk, café au lait ice cream, walnut and whipped cream