Dinner Menu

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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To Start


Butternut Squash, Black Bean and Beef Chili

scallions, pumpkin seeds

Chardonnay Braised Local Carrots

Point Reyes Blue cheese mousse, walnut “cookies”, golden raisins, white balsamic

Smoked Mackerel Rillettes

celery, apple, challah and horseradish

Fricasse of Frog Legs and Artichoke Hearts

caper, lemon, brown butter, fine herbs and an English muffin

Chicken Liver and Mushroom Pate

pickles, chutney, mustard and toast

Peanut Butter Fried Rice

daikon and cucumber salad

Dad’s Apple Salad

maple, sage, peanuts, hazelnuts and currants

Sauteed Delftree Mushrooms

frisee, smoked onions, wheat berries, slow poached egg

To Continue


Spaetzle, chicken confit, sage, button mushrooms and Brussels sprouts

Penne, beef Bolognese, “shaky” cheese

Pan Roasted Idaho Trout, cauliflower, pickled green grapes and cress

 Cod Cake, white beans and pickled peppers, Pete’s spinach



Petite NEFF NY Strip

lentils, broccoli and truffle puree, sweet onions and arugula

Fried Chicken

sweet potato and Frank’s, generic romaine



Dark Chocolate Mousse

raspberry, coconut, maple, almond and oats

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

vanilla bean, grapefruit, toasted pistachio crunch

Pineapple and Orange “Cobbler”

spiced white chocolate, mango and rum