Dinner Menu

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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To Start


Dad’s Apple Salad

maple, hazelnuts, peanuts, currants and sage

Becket Duck Egg

veal and bonito fried rice

Chilled Hokkaido Scallop

leek, lobster and crème fraiche “salad”, smoked roe

Brined Carrot Top Caesar

greens from Woven Roots, fresh croutons, Parmesan

Hosta Hill Krimson Kraut and Beet Borscht

horseradish and sour cream

Camembert and Creamed Spinach Fritters

cranberry –port chutney, walnuts

Roasted Beets and Pomegranate

couscous, pistachio -chevre and orange vinaigrette

Pheasant Croquettes

parsnip puree, mustard vinaigrette, shaved pear, chives

Broccoli, Mascarpone and Black Truffle Risotto

cured yolk

Semolina toasts (3.)                                         Greens with vin (8.)



Linguini with chicken and kale pesto, walnuts and parmesan

Penne, NEFF beef bolognese, shaky cheese

 Roasted East Coast Skate

tomato piccata, polenta and green olives

To Continue


 Galatine of Vermont Chicken

white beans, artichoke, quinoa and lemon

Peppered +Cured Filet of NY Strip

watercress, spinach, Vidalia, Delftree mushrooms and buttermilk



 Frozen Mango Lassi

coconut, strawberry, lime, thai basil and more mango

Ricotta and Poppy Seed Mousse

cherries, cranberries, red wine, orange and cornmeal

Caramel Poached Pears and Spice Cake

rum raisins, ginger, graham and vanilla ice cream