Dinner Menu

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

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Smaller Plates


Mousse of Idaho Trout

pickles, mustard, egg and toasts

Roasted Beets from Lee

candied carrots, mango, turmeric and Brazil nuts

 Delicata Squash from Matty and Kira

coconut milk, jerk spices, sweet potato, scallions

Butternut Squash Soup

Mexican oregano, toasted pumpkin seeds, Serrano chili oil

 Shiitakes in Broth

green beans, toasted garlic, kimchi, spinach, scallion pancake

 Asian “Slaw” of Roots and Cabbages

soy nuts, sesame, ginger and miso vin

 NEFF Pork Dumplings

“eel sauce”, carrots, napa cabbage

Fried New Crop Jasmine Rice

mushroom miso or pork and pineapple

Semolina toasts 3.

Larger Plates


Pork or Chicken Ramen

sun noodles, nori, slow poached egg, scallion

Cricket Creek Veal Ragout

linguini and Parmesan

Northstar Lamb Meatball Grinder

po’boy bread, spiced yogurt marinara, crumble fries

Fried Chicken Grinder

hoisin mayonnaise, ginger and cucumber soy pickles

Seven Mate Shrimp

squid, short grain and green curry “risotto”, coconut, peanut and lime

Leg of Pennsylvania Duck Confit

sweet potato puree, Brussel sprouts, cider

Overnight Roasted NEFF Beef

broccoli, milk poached garlic “gravy”, black pepper, latke



 Dark Chocolate Wontons

coconut cream, star anise, cinnamon, whipped cream

Banana Spring Rolls

peanut butter mousse, coffee syrup