Dinner Menu

Monday, December 18th, 2017

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Smaller Plates


Roasted Beets from Lee

candied carrots, apples, turmeric and Brazil nuts

Arugula and Fried Long Island Squid

BMB olive focaccia, Worcestershire, sesame seeds

Mackerel Fritters

pickled celery, onion dijonaise

NEFF Beef Tartare

beef fat aioli, mustard, parsley, red onion, potato chips

Fried Pork Wontons

cabbage and ginger slaw

Slow Poached Egg

dirty duck rice, offal sauce, parsley vinaigrette

Generic Romaine

Animal Farm buttermilk, dill seed, black pepper, broccoli and crumbs

Semolina toasts 3.



Breast of NY State Veal

mustard spaetzle, lentils, broccoli “marrow” and arugula

Lamb Stew

turnips, red wine, delicata squash and frisee


button mushroom and Parmesan cream, white wine and grains of paradise

Larger Plates


Chicken Fried Misty Knoll Turkey Breast

mashed potatoes, spiced sage gravy, maple cranberries, sauerkraut

Pan Seared Rhode Island Monk Fish

couscous, chickpeas, tomato and harissa broth, almonds, herbs and raisins

Breast of Pennsylvania Duck

Colfax farm beans, ham and dandelion green stew, frisee



Vanilla Panna Cotta

mulled red wine, dried fruits and butter crunch

Banana Spring Rolls and Chocolate Wontons

peanut butter mouse, coffee syrup, more peanuts