Dinner Menu

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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like appetizer sized egg thingys          8.

French scramble

smoked caviar and chives, toast

Duck egg

fried cheddar grits, Tabasco

Smeared egg toast

chevre, pepper

Salt cod scramble

EVOO, dill

Salads                           10.

Beets, pistachio and citrus

No anchovy green Caesar

Bagel + Toast +Spreads   10.

Smoked salmon

Milk poached garlic

Spinach and artichoke

Broccoli and anchovy

Feta and peppers

Chicken liver and walnut

Russian egg salad

Bacon, date and blue cheese



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Corned Beef


Kimchi Fried Rice

crab, peanuts and peas

Brussels Sprouts

yam, maple and bacon

Chorizo and Corn

avocado, almond romesco and potato

Pork Stew and Biscuit

not technically a hash


Bennies (1 pc)                                  6.

Fried Chicken, ham, red eye

Broccoli, egg, hollandaise

Pork Belly, egg, cheddar

Spinach, ham, egg, hollandaise

Foie Gras, maple, pancake             14.


Sandwiches                            14.

Croque “Ma-damn”,

hollandaise, sausage, spinach and an egg

Fried Chicken Victory Sandwich

sambal, bacon and maple. fried egg mayo

Sausage and Beef Chz Burg

onions, greens, crumbles and ketchup

Smothered Turkey

open face, more stuff

Shrimp and Grits

not a sandwich

Fluke Fishwich

caper, tartar sauce, lettuces


Bigger Things                                 20. 

Chicken Fried Steak, broccoli, pepper gravy

Corned Beef “Dinner”, potatoes, cabbage and mustard

Ham Steak, red eye, braised greens, yam, black eye peas

Merguez, hummus, yogurt and peppers


Sides                                      5.

Deviled eggs, smoked mackerel

Tossed potatoes, Frank’s and ranch

Fried cheddar grits, Tabasco + ketchup

Latke tots, sour cream and applesauce


Sweet                                     10.

Yogurt Panna Cotta

maple, walnut praline granola

Rice Krispie Treat

peanut butter, banana and chocolate

Café au Lait Ice Cream

crumb cake, dulce de leche

Seared Oatmeal

sesame, pear and miso butterscotch, whip