Dinner Menu

Monday, October 16th, 2017

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Smaller Plates


Grilled Bok Choy and Celery from Woven Roots

poached egg, scallion broth, sesame oil and shiitakes

Smoked Steelhead Trout

radish mousse, upland cress, black pepper and chives

Matty’s Delicata Squash

port and blue cheese dressing, arugula, walnuts

Jenn’s Spinach

cucumbers, almonds, Parmesan

Broccoli and Red Peppers from Lee

onion, quinoa, bagna-cauda and pecorino

Soup of Late Season Sweet Peppers

whey, toasted salami and croutons

Petite Mac and Cheese

bitter greens, ham and Vermont cheddar

Croquettes of Chicken Wing Confit and Rice

spicy mango, carrots and cilantro

Semolina toasts 3.

Medium Plates


Orecchiette, carrot top pesto, ricotta and lemon crumbs

Linguini, beef Bolognese, shaky cheese

Grilled Delftree Portobello Mushroom, mushroom stuffing, garlic, crimini and feta

Turkey Meatballs, cranberry, walnut, oats, beets, watercress and horseradish

Larger Plates


NEFF Pork “Cutlet”

buttons, pancetta, white beans, farro, parsley and lemon

Chinese Spiced Pork Belly

roasted pear, napa cabbage, braised greens, umeboshi and scallion

Beer Battered Line Caught Pollock

fennel top emulsion, shaved cabbage, brined celery leaves, calamari, parsley



Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Mousse, cranberry streusel

Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding “Sundae”, banana, peanuts, chocolate sauce