Dinner Menu

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

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To Start


Hudson Valley Pears

arugula, hazelnuts, Port and black currant vinaigrette

Idaho Trout and Black Pepper Mousse

pickles, mustard, horseradish and toast

Strawberries, Tahini and Grapes

bulgur wheat, poppy seeds, grains of paradise

White Bean and Roasted Garlic Toast

roasted red peppers, pickled rabe, cherry tomatoes

Petite “Po’Boy” of Fried Skate Fritters

pickled garlic tartar sauce and slaw

Slow Poached Farm Egg

farro, leeks, button mushrooms and garlic whey

Black Bean and Last of the Year’s Corn Soup

cotija, peppers, sour cream and tortilla

Semolina toasts (3.)



Chicken Fried Maitake Mushrooms

leek “creamed” peas, royal trumpet mushrooms

Walnut Spaetzle, smoked pork, pickled cabbage, apples, mustard and sage

Pizzichi di Farro, summer squash, braised greens and Parmesan

Smoked Misty Knoll Chicken Drums

peach puree, jalapeno, cabbage

Pan Seared Trout

tomatoes, roma beans, quinoa, black olive and parsley puree

To Continue


Confit of Maine Lamb Neck

lentils, rosemary, roasted onion and red wine pickled shallots

NEFF Beef Meatballs

marinara, parmesan and braised fennel



Peanut Butter “Whoopie” Pie

vanilla ice cream, peanut butter mousse, chocolate sauce and banana

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta and Poached Peaches

toasted milk crumb

Maple Milk Rice Pudding

poached apples, walnut–raisin granola