Dinner Menu

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

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To Start


Young Woven Root Lettuces

peaches, cucumbers, white balsamic, yogurt and toasted buckwheat

Curried Bluefish and Cashew Pate

pickled raisins and carrots, coconut raita, toast

Beets and Strawberries

poppy seeds, grains of paradise and crème fraiche

Roasted Sweet Peppers and White Beans

pickled rabe, pine nuts, marinara, pepperoncini and EVOO

Pete’s Napa Cabbage and Hosta Hill Kimchi

scallions, watermelon, pumpkin seeds and sesame

Pickled Green Tomato Panzanella

bacon-onion vinaigrette, more tomatoes and dill

Sh*t on a Shingle

chipped beef, challah bread and peas from the freezer

Semolina toasts (3.)



Fried Maitake Mushrooms from Delftree

shiitake and sushi rice “risotto”, shoyu, scallion, beech mushrooms

Garganelli, green olive and kale “puttanesca”, fresh tomato, EVOO

Rigatoncini, braised chicken, Lee farms ricotta, radish greens and summer squash

C’ BLT, clam, bacon, lettuce and tomato, po’boy bread

Smoked Misty Knoll Chicken Drums

cornbread stuffing, pickled watermelon rind, jalapeno

To Continue


Confit of Maine Lamb Neck

quinoa, cucumber, turmeric vinegar, Greek yogurt, peach

Sautéed Block Island Swordfish

corn, capers, basil, fennel, cherry tomatoes and brown butter



Pistachio, Dried Cherry and Chocolate Brownies

candied cherries, ginger whip, vanilla ice cream and more pistachio

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta and Late Season Strawberries

toasted milk crumb

Brown Sugar Rice Pudding

poached apples and raisins, oatmeal cookie