Dinner Menu

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

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We invite each guest to choose

three, four or five courses

from any part of the menu.


Roasted Broccoli and Pickled Broccoli Rabe

white bean hummus, sundried tomato, navy beans, parsley 

Ceviche of Vermont Goat Loin

Frye’s mango, corriander, lime, cashew, coconut and ginger

Overmeade Gardens Blistered Garlic Scapes

carrots, blackened onions, jalapeno “dip”, pumpkin seeds

“Sh^t On a Shingle”

chipped beef and creamed peas from the freezer, black pepper, Texas toast

Marinated Long Island Squid

tahini, red onion, cucumber and lots of mint

Almond and Chicken Liver Pate

pickles, mustard and toasts

“Spaghetti” of Woven Roots Zucchini

basil, pine nut and green olive pesto, Berle Farm Crowdie, Four Star Farm spelt berries and lemon crumbs

Mousse of Farm Raised Trout

tarragon pickled egg, afternoon tea inspired pickles, smoked mustard


Fried Atlantic Cod

peas and carrots, dill, “pickled” aioli, lettuces

Seared Confit of New England Lamb Neck

chickpea panisse, verjus, yogurt, raisins, mint, cucumber and parsley

Braised NEFF Beef

smoked kale, pickled onions, shaved cabbages

Sautéed Farm Raised Trout

golden beet borscht, more beets, fennel, roe, oranges and horseradish

North Adams Maitake Mushrooms

young squashes, roasted garlic, parsley chimichurri, chili flake 

Orecchiette, spicy pork ragout, Valtellina Casera

Orzo, bitter green and walnut pesto, braised chicken, Parmesan, slow poached egg


Pistachio, Dried Cherry and Chocolate Brownies

candied cherries, ginger whip, vanilla ice cream and more pistachio

Almond Cake and Blueberry Compote

lemon, mascarpone and oranges

Berle Farm Yogurt Panna Cotta

spiced red wine raspberry jam, butter crunch


Three Courses 45.      Four Courses 55.       Five Courses 65.