Dinner Menu

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

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Smaller Plates


Local Carrots and not so Local Chickpeas

tahini, olive oil, honey and bulgur

Slow Poached Mill River Farm Egg

fish sauce, lemongrass broth, kohlrabi “noodles”

First Growth MFF Spinach

sweet onion vinaigrette, walnuts, chevre

BBQ’d Venison Tacos

almond romesco, bodega jalapeno, slaw

Warm Golden Raisin and Braised Lamb Jam Toast

toasted pistachios, more raisins and red onion

Spicy Greens Salad

fried garlic vinaigrette, pickled green beans, radish

Delftree Button Mushroom and Almond Pate

cherry, sherry and onion chutney, toasts

Steelhead Mousse

tobiko, pickled celeries, upland cress

Corned Veal Hash

Black Duck Farm duck egg

Pickled and Smoked Trout Belly Salad

cucumber, frisee, poppy

Mussels, Clam and Bacon Chowder

dill, Ritz

semolina toasts (3.)


Larger Plates


Pan Roasted Idaho Trout

carrots, carrots and carrots, horseradish, cauliflower and parsley

Slow Poached Breast of Mill River Chicken

schmaltz braised turnips, bitter green and sunflower seed pesto, peas and shoots

Seared NEFF Flank Steak

kimchi “beurre rouge”, roasted Vermont vegetables, rice and more kimchi

Misty Knoll Turkey and Walnut Meatballs

Hosta Hill gochu curry kraut, celeriac puree, mustard greens and lingonberry jus



Spaetzle, maitake mushrooms, braised chicken and pickled shallots

Pizzichi di Farro, Swiss chard and pine nut pesto, Pecorino

Orecchiette, braised rabbit, ramp and almond pesto



Coconut and Milk Chocolate “Mound”

banana, cocoa sable, macadamia and banana mousse

Toasted Black Sesame Pudding

peanuts, ginger, baked grapes and more sesame