Dinner Menu

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

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Smaller Plates


Butternut Squash and Chorizo Croquettes

smoked chili jam, sour cream, pepitas

Local Carrots and not so Local Chickpeas

tahini, pea shoots, honey

Jalapeno and Tortilla “Poppers”

almond romesco, slaw, cilantro, radish

 Lisa’s Kohlrabi and Broccoli Top Salad

Parmesan and green olive dressing, garlic crumbs

Slow Poached Mill River Farm Egg

bitter greens, bacon dashi, enoki

 Peppery Pork Rillettes

pickles, jam, mustard and toasts

 Rhode Island Skate Fritters

clam gravy, pickled green beans

Mighty Food Farms Spinach

cranberry and walnut granola, onion vinaigrette

Hot Smoked Belly of Arctic Char

cucumber, dill, chive, crème fraiche and red onion

Toasted Garlic and Broccoli Stalk Soup

anchovy, crumble fries, lemon and pecorino

semolina toasts (3.)


Larger Plates


Roasted Breast of Misty Knoll Chicken

farro, bacon, split peas, peas from the freezer and pea shoots

Pastrami of Upstate Veal Breast

MFF carrot “kraut”, horseradish, lemon and Canadian mustard

Pan Roasted Skate Wing

cannellini, flageolet, salsa verde, roasted and raw radish from Mill River

Steamed Rhode Island Hake and Mussels

sweet potato, jalapeno, cilantro, buttermilk, avocado and cornbread “stuffing”

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Sandwich

peanuts, herbs, cabbage, fish sauce, lime, chilies (15.)



Penne, roasted tomato, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan

Orecchiette, braised chicken, kale, green olives, mirepoix, lemon

Pizzichi di Farro, Mighty Food Farm spinach and pine nut pesto, aged goat pecorino

 Bone marrow dumplings, button mushrooms, caramelized onion brodo, Havarti crumbs




Coconut and Milk Chocolate “Mound”

banana, cocoa sable, banana mousse, nutella, macadamia

Toasted Black Sesame Pudding

peanuts, ginger, baked grapes and rhubarb