Dinner Menu

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

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Smaller Plates


Pate and Rillette of Squab

pickles, mustard and toasts

Fried Brussels Sprouts

smoked pork loin, Black Duck duck egg, cheddar

Roasted and Pickled Mighty Food Farm Beets

orange, coriander, feta, poppy and hazelnuts

Slow Roasted Carrots

blue cheese, celery and hot sauce

Whitefish and Smoked Steelhead Roe Toast

toasted dill brioche, crème fraiche, red onion

Butternut Squash Soup

coconut, mango, sherry and mint

Generic Romaine

creamy Parmesan and green olive, croutons

Beef Chili and Cheese Taco

almond romesco, chipotle pimento, lettuce

Cauliflower and Potato Soup

High Lawn cream, garlic and thyme

Mackerel Salad

winter vegetable “slaw”, horseradish, young greens

Bone Marrow and Red Wine Risotto

cornichons, shallot and parsley

semolina toasts (3.)

Larger Plates


Sautéed Gulf Shrimp and Northeast Pork Belly

crispy grits, crumbled Berle farm corn bread, last season’s hot sauce, Yam

 Roasted Vermont Chicken Thigh

braised drum, broccoli, shallot, lemon and parsley

Veal Breast Confit

carrot, Berry Patch joi choi, toasted rice, sesame, black garlic and soy

Swedish Meatballs

pomme puree, lingonberry jam, pickled cucumber, gravy

Pork Loin Schnitzel

sauerkraut, mustard, apple and cabbage root



Parsley spaetzle, roasted mushrooms, spinach, sage and lemon

Penne, roasted tomato, Lee farms ricotta, Parmesan

Spaghetti, pistachio and arugula pesto, pecorino, peas from the freezer



White Chocolate Cheesecake

passion fruit curd, pecan shortbread

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

caramel-red wine braised figs, peanut and graham crumb

Cherry and Macadamia Carrot Cake

orange and apricot marmalade, whipped cream