Dinner Menu

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

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To Start


Dad’s Apple Salad

maple, hazelnuts, peanuts, currants and sage

Lettuces from Lee

buttermilk dressing, black pepper and torn croutons

Katsu of Woven Roots Daikon

marinated napa cabbage, fish sauce, more daikon, chilies

Toast of Corned Beef Heart

pickled radish Russian and shaved cabbage

Kohlrabi Caesar

brined carrot tops, garlic crumbs, lentils and Parmesan

Roasted Beets and Carrots

pomegranate, orange, fresh cheese and sumac

Mousse of Steelhead Trout

pickles, toasts and mustard

Becket Duck Egg

Hosta Hill Kimchi, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts

Semolina toasts (3.)



Rigatoncini, NEFF Beef Bolognese, “shaky” cheese

Garganelli, butternut “mac + cheese”, Vermont cheddar, maple crumb

Pan Seared Rhode Island Skate Wing

celery root, spinach, caper, brown butter

 Parsley and Whey Risotto

cremini and button mushrooms, Parmesan

To Continue


Roasted Confit of Veal Breast

potato, caraway, mustard and cabbage

Braised NEFF Beef

creamed greens, roasted and raw turnips, beef jus



Sweet Potato Pudding

walnut, oat and brown sugar praline

Toasted Banana Bread

chocolate pumpkin seed butter, summer jam, coconut

 Ricotta Fritters

apple, saffron, spiced currant, pistachio and honey