Dinner Menu

Sunday, January 24th, 2016

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Smaller Plates

Chorizo and Beef Chili

pimento cheese, Fritos

 Mousse of Steelhead Trout

horseradish, cucumber, black pepper and toasts

Fried Brussels Sprouts and Peanut Butter Soup

kimchi peanut butter, bacon, more peanuts

Winter Squash and Orange Salad

shallot, carrot, feta, pumpkin seeds

Braised Cabbage and Frankfurter Stew

paprika, mustard and poached egg toast

 Croquettes of Rice and Chicken Wing

classic Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, kohlrabi

Generic Romaine and Ranch Salad

shaved cucumber, radish, garlic croutons

Cheesy Beef and Potato Tacos

almond romesco, slaw, bodega jalapeno

Pilgrim Fries

store bought fries, cranberry ketchup, turkey gravy

Tuna Fritters

spicy aioli, watermelon radish

Butternut Squash and Taleggio Soup

spiced plums, crushed walnuts, walnut oil

Chicken Curry “Divan”

broccoli, couscous

Larger Plates

Red Wine Braised Short Rib of Painted Hills Beef

matzo balls, celery root, melted Brussels sprouts, parsley and pickled green beans

Crepinette of Veal, Pheasant and Black Truffle

cherry, sherry and mustard jus, pomme puree, carrots

Sautéed Idaho Trout

pickled beets, horseradish, watercress, petite borscht, apple

O’somlo’s Roni Hoagie, cheese, pepperoncini, marinara, artichoke heart and black olive tapenade (15.)


Orecchiette, button mushroom crema, fried onions, peas

Spaetzle, pork confit, sauerkraut, mustard and rye

Semolina Dumplings, spicy Italian sausage and peppers, crumbs

Linguini, beef and veal Bolognese, pecorino


Coconut Rice Pudding

oranges, crushed fortune cookies, toasted coconut

Italian Candied Cherry Ice Cream

chocolate sauce, hazelnut brittle, spiced white chocolate, more cherries