Dinner Menu

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

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To Start


Roasted Beet “Tartare”

Hosta Hill crimson kraut, kohlrabi and white balsamic

Lettuces from Lee

butternut vinaigrette, toasted pumpkin seeds, cider

“Pork Fried Rice” Croquettes

Hosta Hill kimchi, napa, sesame and spicy daikon

Farmhouse Sausage

pomme puree, dressed cabbage, tumeric and veal jus

Japanese Turnip Fritters

creamed turnip tops, carrots, fried garlic

Butternut Squash and Coconut Milk Soup

ginger, sambal, lime and toasted coconut

Smoked Steelhead Mousse

lemon, pepper, pickles, shaved turnip, toasts

Semolina toasts (3.)



Mustard spaetzle, NEFF pork confit, cider braised cabbage

Orecchiette, Lee farms ricotta, maitake mushrooms, peas from the freezer

Salt and Pepper Chicken Drums

broccoli and Animal Farm buttermilk ranch salad

Pan Seared Filet of Trout

spinach, horseradish, lentils, walnut, celeriac and pear nage

To Continue


Brined Koch Farm Turkey Tender

butternut squash, ginger, apple, Brussels

Veal Meatballs “Blanquette”

button mushrooms, kale, truffled rutabaga, High Lawn cream



Caramel Poached Pears

caramel ice cream, milk chocolate and salted hazelnut

Fried “Pumpkin Cheesecake”

molasses, sage ice cream, walnuts, graham and apple sauce

Oatmeal and Maple Pudding

Italian candied cherries, more maple, salted buckwheat crunch, coconut